Investing In High-End Accessories

Investing In High-End Accessories

Making A Poncho For Yourself

by Maas Roelvink

If you like the look of a women's poncho, then you may also like the fact that they are so easy to make. By learning how to make a poncho for yourself, you can guarantee you will always be able to wear one with a look you like in the fabric of your choosing. The instructions provided in this article will teach you how to make your own poncho, so you can make one for every day of the week if that's what you want to do.

Choosing the material

When you are choosing the right material for your poncho, you want to make sure it has a pattern on it that will fit the cut. In other words, don't choose fabric that has a large picture on it that you will have to cut in half. Also, you may want to consider that ponchos have a Hispanic background and this means you may want to go with fabrics that have a Hispanic look to them. However, this isn't a steadfast rule, so you can change it up if you choose.

Cutting the material

The easiest way to make sure you are cutting the material to fit you well is to cut it a yard by a yard in size, so you know you are going to have enough fabric to work with. Then, hang the material over your shoulders and mark the areas you want it to go down to, leaving an extra inch on all sides for sewing purposes.

Set the fabric flat and use a yardstick to make the appropriate cuts. Cut a slit in the center that's about a foot long and goes in the direction of the shoulders; this will be for your head to go through. Once you have the slit cut, you can take more fabric from this area until the neck line is as loose as you want it to be.

Sewing the material

To sew the poncho, you will sew the hem around all sides so the cut isn't visible. You will also need to sew the neck line in the same fashion. Make sure you double stitch the entire poncho so you don't have to worry about the stitching coming out.

Now that you know how to make your own poncho you will be able to fill your closet with them. You can even get in to making them for your friends and family as gifts you can give them on special occasions. You can also visit stores like Velvet Bungalow, which sells ponchos among other fashion items.


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