Investing In High-End Accessories

Investing In High-End Accessories

5 Tips On Selling Used Clothing On The Internet

by Maas Roelvink

Kids grow out of clothing quickly. If you invest in high quality clothing for your children, this can be frustrating. Your child will grow out of items that still look new and have a lot of wear left in them. 

If you're looking for a way to get some of that investment back after your child outgrows clothing, you can try selling outgrown items on the Internet. There are many sites out there that allow you to advertise and sell clothing products online. Many will even process credit card transactions for you on sales. Take advantage of the following tips to get started selling your kid's outgrown clothing:

Sell by season

It will be hard to sell clothing items if you only post them at the very end of the season they're meant for. It might be more worthwhile to wait a few months and post a clothing item for the following year if the season that it's meant for has already come and gone. 

Develop some photography skills

You don't have to be a professional photographer, but it helps if you put some time into sharpening your skills behind the lens. Photographs of the clothing you sell will have an important impact on whether your items sell or not. 

You might consider using your child as a model if you've got a kid who likes to be in the spotlight and an outfit looks particularly good on him or her. 

Be patient

It's easy for anyone making first efforts to sell online to get discouraged. It's typically going to take a few days- or even a few weeks- for an item to sell. Don't assume that a clothing item won't sell just because you haven't received a response within a day of posting. 

Describe accurately

One of the most important things you can do to successfully sell old clothing items online is develop a reputation for accuracy. Buyers can't actually have the clothing in their hands or have their children try it on before buying. However, you have first-hand experience with it.

Describe how the clothing items fit and make sure you're accurately explaining the condition they're in. If your have a clothing item that is fairly worn out, you probably want to forget about selling it altogether to avoid complaints about clothing condition from buyers.

Respond quickly to inquiries

Clothing purchases made online are often spur-of-the-moment and impulsive. If you take days to respond to an inquiry, you'll most likely lose the sale. Parents buying your clothing have to deal with dressing a rapidly growing child too, so don't waste any time.  

Fortunately, smartphones make it easier than every to offer quick responses to online inquiries. Try to install an app on your phone that will instantly allow you to see inquiries regarding clothing items you have posted online. For more information, contact a company like DM Children's Boutique


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Investing In High-End Accessories

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