Investing In High-End Accessories

Investing In High-End Accessories

Five Must Have Back-To-School Style Ideas For Your Preteen

by Maas Roelvink

As your daughter gets into the age of middle school, finding clothes that fit well and that you both like can be challenging. Young girls are still not certain how to style their changing bodies, and finding clothes that fit well during a growth spurt can seem impossible. However, there are some things you can find that will really age well as your daughter grows in her preteen years.

1. Tunic tops.

Girls may feel uncertain about wearing dresses to school, especially during winter, but jeans and t-shirts can be hard to find for the stage of "not quite child, but not quite adult." A good compromise is a tunic top, which fits like a long t-shirt. The good thing about these tops is that they will fit as your daughter grows into an adult height, and they are forgiving for new curves as well. They can be light for summer, or paired with a layering cardigan or jacket for fall. 

2. Leggings.

You might have mixed feelings about leggings as a parent, but they are the saving grace for the adolescent fashion years. You can find quality leggings that don't pill or become see-through, and young girls enjoy the fun patterns that they come in. A few pairs of solid colors will be good for patterned tops, but the patterned leggings can be great for plain t-shirts or overlarge sweaters.

3. Ankle boots. 

Instead of allowing your daughter to wear flats or flip-flops (often the go-to comfy footwear for young girls), invest in a pair of leather or faux-leather ankle boots. These will wear better and provide a little more support for the foot. They will also be best for winter weather when your daughter becomes self-conscious about wearing bulky snow boots to school. 

4. Practical accessories.

Your daughter needs items like a backpack, snow coat, and mittens for school and winter weather. At this period of life, adolescents begin to be more self-conscious. Self-consciousness is part of the natural mental development of young adults. You might find your daughter doesn't want to wear a perfectly serviceable coat because she thinks it makes her look weird (even though it doesn't) or that she thinks her backpack is too nerdy. You might find these attitudes exasperating, but there is middle ground. Choose a boutique backpack made with a floral or bird pattern or another trendy design (tribal and geometric patterns are popular). Get a more sophisticated snow coat made from quilted cotton instead of ski material. Practical but beautiful accessories that appeal to the young girl will help her to actually use them throughout the school year.

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Investing In High-End Accessories

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