Investing In High-End Accessories

Investing In High-End Accessories

Hey Guys, Looking For The Perfect Jeans? Four American-Made Styles To Choose From

by Maas Roelvink

Men's jeans come in an assortment of sizes and styles, which makes it easier to  fit almost any body type. The main differences are how they fit in the hips, waist, and legs, and how close the end of the rise is to the wearer's natural waist. The rise runs from the crotch to the button at the waistband and typically is the location of the zipper. Four of the most common jean styles are listed below.

The Skinny Jean

The name says it all. The low rise puts the top of the jean the farthest from the natural waistline. These jeans are meant to hug the hips and thighs and to taper the legs. The leg openings are also snug, so getting these off over your shoes usually doesn't work. These tend to look best on slender men with slim legs that don't mind a lack of wiggle room.

The Slim Jean

Slim jeans are for guys that want a tight fit around the hips, but who have more muscular legs. The material around the thighs and the lower legs is a bit more generous and the leg openings are a bit larger. The rise is longer, making the waistband of the jeans fit higher up on the torso. Getting the jeans off over shoes is still a struggle. The legs do taper from top to bottom, allowing for a slightly snug fit along the length of the legs. Men who have average body measurements but just prefer more "give" in the legs often choose slim jeans.

The Tapered Jean

Designed with more room in the hip and thighs, the tapered jeans provide a looser fit above the knee, but tapers to a slightly snug fit at the ankles. The rise on the tapered jean is longer than on the skinny style, adding even more comfort space across the hips. Men who need or want more room in the seat, but prefer that tapered feel along the legs might choose this style. They are sometimes preferred as work pants because of the increased mobility.

The Straight Jean

Straight jeans have the longest rises, making the waistband come up the highest on the torso. There is plenty of room in the seat and the straight pant legs allow for a looser fit in the thighs and the legs. Larger men that need the extra room and those that don't want a tighter fit anywhere tend to go with the straight jeans.

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