Investing In High-End Accessories

Investing In High-End Accessories

3 Reasons It's Important To Clean Compression Hosiery Regularly

by Maas Roelvink

In many situations, individuals who suffer from medical disorders that affect their nervous system or circulatory system are advised to wear compression hosiery. Caring for this hosiery properly is important for the following reasons: 

Maximize Usage of the Hosiery 

If you own compression hosiery, chances are you are wearing them to treat a health issue. Whether you have a circulation issue, diabetes, or experience nerve pain, this type of stocking can help you be more comfortable when you have to spend long hours on your feet. Taking the time to clean your hosiery regularly can help you to utilize it on a regular basis. After all, if it's not washed and ready to when you're getting ready for work, chances are you won't want to put it on and wear it. If it's still waiting to air dry, you won't be able to air dry it. Either way, owning multiple pairs of hosiery and taking the time to plan out washing and air drying will ensure that you wear them to work as frequently as you should. 

Stay Healthy

Without regular cleaning, there's a chance that hosiery will begin to collect germs or bacteria. It may develop an "off" smell or take on the smell of body odor. One runs the risk of contracting a bacterial or yeast infection from wearing hosiery that is not regularly washed. This makes it especially important that you take the time to hand wash and air dry your hosiery. You can actually purchase cleaners that are specially designed for using with delicate items like lingerie, as well, and this will help to protect your stockings as you wash them. 

Save Money

Compression hosiery that is not well cared for will wear out quickly. In addition, if you only own one or two pairs of hose and you continually wear them, you run the risk of wearing them out excessively fast. Instead, it makes sense to purchase one pair for every day or every two days that you'll be working, and then take the time to wash and dry them carefully. Caring for your compression hosiery carefully will allow you to get the maximum amount of use out of each pair. This will save you money over time, as your stockings will need to be replaced less frequently. 

While no one really wants to need compression stockings, wearing them can make a dramatic difference in an individual's life. Caring for them correctly can help extend their life and keep them looking their best for longer. Contact a company, like Sal-Liz, for more help.


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