Investing In High-End Accessories

Investing In High-End Accessories

Four Benefits Of Wood Frame Glasses That Will Motivate You To Buy Them

by Maas Roelvink

Time for your annual eye exam. Oh, you have to wear glasses now? Maybe you already wear glasses and want to update your frames. Either way, you should consider wood frame glasses instead of the usual plastic or metal ones. Now, before you decide to take a pass on that, you should know of some benefits of wooden eyeglass frames. The following benefits are a mix of typical and unusual, but motivating you to purchase, nonetheless.

They're Environmentally Friendly

Who else can say that their glasses are environmentally friendly? Only the other people wearing wooden frames can. Sure, you could have eyeglass frames made from post-consumer waste plastic or plant-based oils, but honestly, plastic does not break down and deteriorate over time like wood does. Wooden frames are far and away the most Earth-friendly eyeglass frames you can buy.

You Can Pay a Little Extra for Unique Wood Frames

If you want, you can pay extra for wood eyeglass frames made from exotic, repurposed, and/or rare woods from fallen trees.

  • Bamboo wood, for example, is ringed wood that grows naturally with rings in its bark.
  • Heartwood is very purple, and it only comes from the very oldest of trees. However, heartwood is often found in reclaimed barn wood, which could be used to make your eyeglass frames.
  • Thousand-year-old Redwood trees that have fallen down are re-purposed for this kind of thing; a perfect wood for the frames of someone that loves the trees and loves the Earth, too.

You Can Paint, Design, and Decorate Wood Frames

Most of the wood eyeglass frames that are available are already stained or painted. However, if you are the crafty or artistic sort, you can buy the "bare frame" style. This is just plain wood that you can decorate any way you want, in any color you want.

You can paint them or stain them with natural dyes and oils or put lots of stick-on crystals or beads on the frames. Anything goes when you buy the bare frame style to create your own custom look. It might get so addicting that you purchase extra pairs of glasses just to create an eyeglass wardrobe. (It has happened; just look at Sir Elton John's collection of glasses and sunglasses!)

Your Wooden Frames Play a Role After You Pass Away


For most people, the way they want their remains to be treated is a long way off. Yet, if you know you want to cremated, then your wooden glasses are fine as they are. Most of the time, the funeral home will remove the glasses, but if someone forgets, your glass frames will incinerate completely in the crematorium oven.

It is weird to think about, but wholly possible and completely true. Your surviving family members could even request that your wooden-framed glasses be cremated (sans glass) along with you so that they do not have to take any personal items (besides your urn of ashes) home with them. (The glass parts would melt and fuse your ashes together, which is why glasses are usually removed before the cremation process.)

Typical Burial or Natural Burial

If you are buried, the wood will eventually dissolve over time inside your casket. You could also choose to be part of a natural degradation burial plot. In this instance, you are buried in either all-natural clothing fibers (e.g., silk, cotton) or your "birthday suit" and left to decompose naturally. That said, you could have the glass removed from your glasses. Then the remaining wood frames would return to the Earth, from which they were taken to make your glasses in the first place. 


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