Investing In High-End Accessories

Investing In High-End Accessories

3 Important Tips When Selecting A Pair Of Cowgirl Boots

by Maas Roelvink

If you're into Western apparel as a woman, you need the right pair of cowgirl boots. They'll complete your outfit and complement a nice pair of boot-cut jeans. Choosing these boots doesn't have to be difficult either if you remember these tips. 

Get Professionally Sized 

Finding the right boot size is a lot different than finding the right shoe size. After all, cowgirl boots tend to fit a little bit snugger than most footwear. To ensure you find the perfect size with relative ease, consider getting professionally sized.

You can do this at any Western outfitter in your area. Talk to a sales associate and have them take your measurements. With these figures, they can find the perfect boot size for your particular feet. They'll make sure your toes are positioned in the right area, as well as ensure you have plenty of room. This way, you can wear the cowgirl boots for hours and still remain comfortable. 

Choose a Material 

Cowgirl boots can be made out of a lot of different materials today. You'll want to weigh your options so that you choose boots that are high-quality and portray the right look. Some common options include horsehide, cowskin, ostrich, and alligator. 

Cowskin is one of the most common choices, as it's readily available and pretty durable. Horsehide is a lot like cowskin, only it's much more durable. You'll therefore have to pay a bit more for boots made out of this material. Ostrich and alligator boots are a little more exotic and are perfect if you want a distinct look. 

Decide Between High-Cut and Low-Cut

In terms of how cowgirl boots are designed, there are predominantly two options: high-cut and low-cut. High-cut boots are ideal if you want maximum protection for your legs. This might be needed if you're putting the boots to practical use, be it for ranching or riding horses. Since these boots are composed of more materials, they'll cost more.

Conversely, you won't have to spend as much on low-cut boots. They also allow you to show off your legs, which is ideal if you're wearing shorts or some type of cowgirl dress. Choose a design that works best for your boot applications and budget.

Cowgirl boots are a staple for any woman looking for a complete Western look. There are many options available today, but you can make the right choice by knowing what factors to focus on. With planning and understanding, you can choose the perfect pair and be happy with them long-term. 

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