Investing In High-End Accessories

Investing In High-End Accessories

Jump On Board The 'Twinning' Trend

by Maas Roelvink

Have you heard about 'twinning?' Twinning is when you style and dress like your child—or other family members. This re-emerging trend has gained a lot of traction as designers and retailers offer up a wide array of matching outfits to keep the twinning going. Some reasons why you may choose to wear mommy and me outfits that match include:  

  • They provide great photo opportunities.
  • Some dress alike to observe a holiday, like Mother's Day, a birthday, or Christmas. 
  • Twinning may help to create a fun bond with your kids. 
  • Dressing alike can pique the curiosity of others and spark conversations.  

There is a bit of interesting history behind the mommy and me trend. It really became popular in the 1950s, especially since many mothers made their own clothing. Daddy and me styles also emerged during this time but didn't garner the consumer audience that mommy and me apparel did.  Recent years have seen family collections of matching clothing skyrocket in popularity, particularly for the purpose of capturing family photos.  

Jump on board the 'twinning' trend with these ideas and inspirations: 


Cute cotton sundresses are the perfect choice for matching outfits. The simple shift dress is back and perfect for twinning with your child. Plus, they are super comfortable in warm weather.  

Formal Wear

You have probably seen the adorable photos of weddings and other events where the children dressed like adults—it is adorable. Look online for some fantastic formal attire available in many styles and options.  

Jeans and Flannels

Go with a completely casual look and wear your favorite jeans and matching flannels for a picture or two. This is another twinning moment that the whole family can enjoy—and that makes for a fabulous holiday greeting card. 


Are you planning a vacation or trip to the beach? Check out matching swimsuits and set up the perfect photo moment with your child. Choose cute bikinis or one-piece suits, flowy cover-ups, and big floppy hats that match. 


Matching pajamas are trendy, and the perfect theme for a family photo around holiday time. This look is so much fun and not exclusive to Mom, however. The whole family can get in on matching pajamas—even pets. 

Try twinning with your child and use these ideas as inspiration. Young children typically embrace the idea of dressing like their family members—it fosters a sense of belonging. This trend is a lot of fun and can make for some amazing family photos.

For more info, contact a local company that sells mommy and me matching clothing sets


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